Thursday, August 10, 2017


I am REALLY slow in updating our blog. This entry is about the day we had enjoying Acadia and western Mt. Desert Island in JUNE !

My excuse is that we are traveling too much to write my travel blog. OK - that's the excuse. The reason is I'm a slug. Lazy is the word.

But we really did have a marvelous day exploring more of Mt. Desert Island both in the park and outside of it.

We started in Southwest Harbor, a quaint tiny town with a lot more emphasis on working boatmen than tourists.

Then a hike around Wonderland Trail. THIS is what the Maine coast is all about. Quiet, beautiful waterfront, no people.

Didn't see much wildlife but the plants made up for it.

Even the trees were blooming.

 On to Ship Harbor Trail.  Again, great views of the surf.

 The next stop was Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

Built in 1858, automated in 1974. A sign said that there was a trail to where you could get a better picture so ......

It only stands 56' above high tide but that is enough to guide boats into Bass Harbor.

Our new found friends mentioned in the last blog suggested Thurston's Lobster Pound. They proclaimed it to be the most scenic dining place in New England and promised us great food besides.

They were right on both counts.

The view from our patio table. You order at the counter inside and they bring your food. From the looks, I'd guess our "62" was probably the second time around for the day.

That large stack of "crates" are lobster pots.

After a short wait, the food arrived.

I ordered the lobster roll and Carol ordered the Lobster Stew.

From their menu:

Lobster Roll

Filled to the brim with our famously fresh, handpicked lobster meat. We lightly toss those claws, tails, and knuckles with mayo, and pile them on a grilled bun with a bed of lettuce. No fancy stuff necessary. Available in two sizes.  (Don't forget a fork for the big one.)

Lobster Stew 

As traditional as it comes. Our own fresh lobster stock makes this cream based stew rich and delicious. Nothing but flavor and lobster. Straight from the boat lobster, and lots of it.

Apparently our new Work Camper friends really do think this is the best place on My. Desert Island. It's a 25 minute drive from the campground and we caught them here for lunch.

More views of Thurston's and the harbor with the working boats.

That little bitty gray and green one story building is the original Lobster Pound. The two story gray and green addition came next, followed by the two story yellow roofed "porch."

One of their original delivery trucks.

We needed to walk off that incredible lunch so we stopped at Echo Lake for a short hike on our way back to the Campground.

Our next day had been planned for a walking tour of the town Bar Harbor.

It was rainy.
We were tired,
Locals told us a cruise ship had docked.

We took a quiet day, walked the campground and got ready to depart.

God is Good. Even, or especially, on lazy days.

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